My Daily Skincare Routine

When I left for college my mom wrote me a long note with little tips she thought I could use during my first year away from home.

Among the wisdom and sentiment, there were a few simple skincare lessons that we all should live by:

  1.  ALWAYS take your makeup off before bed
  2.  Moisturize every day

Freshman Leigh tried her best, but sometimes failed, falling asleep with a full face of makeup on, on the futon beside a plate of pizza rolls. It happens.

These two tips are no brainers. We should all be thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing consistently. So, I wanted to share my daily skincare routine with you.

Let’s start in the morning.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I have acne-prone skin. I breakout easily and my skin is pretty sensitive. The ONLY product I have ever used and seen results with is the Rodan + Fields Unblemish line. (Thanks, Kelly fam!)


I wake up and go through the four steps of the Unblemish system.

  1. Wash
  2. Tone
  3. Dual Intensive Treatment
  4. SPF Lotion

I then apply the It’s Potent Benefit eye cream under my eyes and put on my makeup.

Once I’m done, I use the Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray to lock in my makeup with a dewy glow and refresh my skin.

facial spray

To moisturize my bod, I’m always up for trying new products, but I don’t think I will ever find a lotion I love more than the Kiehl’s Creme de Corps. It’s so creamy going on but doesn’t feel oily or sticky. It’s worth every penny, I promise.


When I come home, my favorite thing in the whole world is taking off my makeup and putting my sweatpants on.

Like I mentioned in my makeup remover post, I am IN LOVE with the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. For stubborn or waterproof eye makeup, I use Kiehl’s Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover.

I got a few questions after my makeup remover post about why I don’t use makeup wipes often. There are a few reasons why I am anti-wipes:

  1. I’ve never found any that make my skin actually feel clean
  2. I don’t like pulling at my face (it causes wrinkles)
  3. They never remove ALL of your makeup
  4. They are expensive

Honestly, I just don’t like them. I used them for years, but now that I have tried other products, I won’t go back, unless I’m traveling and can’t check a bag – they are convenient in a pinch. 

Once I use Take The Day Off and remove my eye makeup, I use the first three steps of Unblemish.

Now it’s time for my favorite part: nightly moisturizer.

I use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer and two drops of Dr. Dennis Gross Peptide Oil. The oil is pretty expensive, but it lasts forever and makes a huge difference for anti-aging and brightening. If you haven’t noticed by now, I love Kiehl’s. If you haven’t purchased Kiehl’s products before, I highly recommend you try them out!

The very last step is to apply overnight under eye cream. I like ones that focus on dark circles and brightening, like this one.

About once a week, usually Sunday or Monday night I use a mask, but we might need a whole separate post for that…

I know this is a lot of steps, but you’ve got to take care of the skin you’re in! As we all know, none of this matters if you aren’t staying hydrated and rested!

I’ve tried a ton of products and these are the ones that I have found truly work for me.I would love to hear what you guys do to keep your skin happy and healthy! Share with me in the comments or send me a message on Instagram.

Wishing you all a very happy Self-Care Sunday!

10 Things I Learned From Being a Team Player

In ninth grade I broke my dad’s heart when I decided to quit running track to join the JV pompon team. For those of you who aren’t from the Midwest, Pompon is a combination of cheer and dance with a focus of sharp movements and Rockettes style high kicks. 

2010- Tenth grade Mid American Pompon summer camp with my staff sister, and now friend, Leah

As high school went on, I loved performing and competing and knew that I wanted to continue my journey with pom beyond high school. When I decided to go to MSU, I tried out for the pompon team and the rest is history.

I spent my summers working for Mid American Pompon summer camps as a counselor and instructor, better known as a “staff sister”. During the school year I practiced and competed with MSU pom.

2016- Fourth years at camp

For those four years, pom was a huge part of my life. I learned so much about myself, made more memories than I can count and built friendships that will last me a lifetime.

2013- Freshman year on MSU

Yesterday the Spartans took home the title of 2017 Collegiate High Kick Champions. I am so proud to be an alum of the MSU Pompon program and it got me thinking about just how much being a team member molded me as a person.

2016- My senior year on MSU

Here are the top ten things being a team player taught me:

1. Lead by example

Actions speak louder than words. If you want people to follow, start leading.

2. Find your tribe and love them hard

Having a group of people that make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself can get you through anything. Lean on the ones you trust and always be there when they need you, too.

3. Mind over matter

You are so much stronger than you know – both mentally and physically. Your body will do just about anything your mind tells it to. When I didn’t want to go to practice, I always felt better after it was over. Now the same goes for the gym. Tell yourself you can and get it done.

4. You can learn from everyone

Older, younger or new to the game. Any industry, any gym, any work setting. Listen to those around you and you will learn something new every single day.

5. Stronger together than apart

Embracing the team mentality allows for growth and productivity. Hearing new perspectives makes you smarter. Working together is invaluable.

6. Balance is everything

Spending so many hours juggling class, internships and practice made me pretty good at time management. I’m thankful to know when and how to take time for myself.

7. Accountability

When you are working toward a common goal, you have to be able to depend on your teammates. Following through and taking responsibility for your actions builds trust and respect.

8. Dependability

This goes hand in hand with accountability, but I think it all comes down to knowing how your actions affect others. Say what you mean and mean what you say, and always, always be honest.

9. Raise your hand

Sometimes you have to volunteer to do the thing nobody else wants to. It’s just the way it is and people appreciate it.

10. Attitude is everything

Every practice, and now that I’m adulting, every morning, I make the decision to have a positive attitude. Your attitude is contagious, so if you want others to be happy, you have to start with yourself.

2017- Collegiate Championships

What other skills did you learn from playing a sport? I would love to hear them in the comments. Let’s focus on being good teammates in all aspects of our lives this week.

Love, Leigh

My Favorite Podcasts Right Now

Over the past year I have unglued my eyes from Netflix long enough to discover the world of podcasts.

I know what you’re thinking: “Leigh, where have you been since 2005? Under a rock?”

Well, LoveLeighs, apparently so.

My podcast app always lived in the back of the dusty iPhone pages with the iBooks and Numbers app that were never used.

After several mentions of This American Life  in one of my capstone classes, I decided to give this podcast thing a try.

Now that we’re past the fact that I was way behind the times on this one, here are the podcasts I love listening to:

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

The title says it all. 30 to 40 minutes of Oprah Winfrey interviewing best-selling authors, actors, CEOs, pastors, you name it. This is a good one to listen to when you need a little #MondayMotivation.

Inspiring, intelligent, moving… everything you’d expect from Oprah.

Tracy Morgan, Cookie Johnson and Howard Schultz are a few of my favorite episodes so far.


Stuff You Should Know

Co-hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark discuss anything and everything. From Barbecue to the National Security Council, they talk about the stuff you should know.

This is definitely one of the more informative podcasts on this list. Chuck and Josh make the most complex of topics easy to understand. I recently listened to How Psychopaths Work and it confirmed my suspicion that I may know a psychopath or two…


The Morning Breath

I have to give a shout out to one of my best friends, Haley, for getting me hooked on this one. She is a living Bravo and E! encyclopedia. I’d be willing to bet that she could name every cast member from every season of  “Real Housewives” of all the cities.

Anyway, I knew anything Haley recommended would be full of juicy pop culture gossip. I was right, and I’ve been listening/watching every weekday for a few months now.

Yeah, you heard me, watching!

One of the reasons I love “The Breath” is because they live stream the recording of the podcast on Instagram and Facebook live. I like to watch the video version on Facebook after work.

The 20-something co-hosts, Jackie and Claudia, cover everything you need to know about The Bachelor(ette), Taylor Swift’s new album and much more. I also appreciate their abundant Lindsay Lohan movie references.

morning breath


“Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t.”

This is another pop culture podcast, but with a twist. It’s all about celebrity whos. Listeners call in about Lifetime movie actors, Instagram stars and washed-up 2000’s singers that make you say “who?”

Co-hosts Lindsey and Bobby dish out facts in a hilarious dynamic that cannot be duplicated.


We’re No Doctors

I won’t lie to you, I mostly only like this one because of Busy Philipps. Busy starred in Dawson’s Creek, Freaks and Geeks, Cougar Town and White Chicks. She is absolutely hilarious on Instagram stories, where she documents her daily life as a mom and actress.

One day she posted that she had a new podcast and I immediately started listening. Her co-host, Steve Agee, is a writer and actor known for You’re the Worst and New Girl.

Together they discuss health issues and obsessions with a heaping dose of humor. Sometimes they give advice, but remember, they’re no doctors.


Bonus mention for my small audience of male readers:

Pardon My Take

I spent my Friday night listening in on a lengthy conversation between two men about how great this podcast is. Since Friday I have given it my best shot, but have only learned (a tiny bit) about sports and heard a lot of what I can only describe as…barking noises.

I understand the appeal, but I’m not sure I can fully commit to adding this one to the lineup.

If you need your sports fix, this one is for you.

pardon my take

What did we learn from this blog post?

Everyone needs a co-host besides Oprah.

I hope you enjoy these gems as much as I do. I can’t wait to hear which are your favorite from the list!

Love, Leigh