Hospital Bag Essentials

When I was pregnant, I was obsessed with reading people’s hospital bag packing lists. I stocked my bag with a whole lot of things I never ended up using, but here are the things I loved having during labor, delivery and recovery.

1. A comb – I read somewhere that squeezing a comb during contractions distracts your brain from the pain. Before my epidural, that little comb is what kept me sane when the Pitocin kicked in. I squeezed it in the soft part of my palm during each contraction and especially when I had to keep still to get my epidural.

2. Stroller fan – Scott positioned the fan on the hospital bed to point at my face while I pushed. The relief of the breeze was a game changer.

3. A speaker & a pump up playlist – I cannot imagine how awkward and (even more) uncomfortable pushing would have been without a soundtrack. The Lizzo and Taylor Swift kept the energy up for all three hours I pushed and the nurses also commented that they love when parents make a birth playlist.

4. Eye mask – A nurse comes in to check on you and/or baby about once an hour. An eye mask was perfect when I was laboring with the epidural so that I could get some sleep and I loved it once baby made his debut and it could take a nap while he slept during the day.

5. Frida Mom peri bottle – The one they give you at the hospital is not it. Plus this one comes with a travel bag so you can pop it in your diaper bag for the first couple weeks postpartum.

6. Frida Mom ice pack pads – Frida Mom, sponsor me. If your hospital offers ice pack pads, I bet they aren’t absorbent. My hospital ran out of ice packs while I was there and I was glad to have these packed.

7. Your own pillows – One for you and one for your birthing partner. Bring your own blankets, too. The little sleep you get needs to be high quality.

8. Pull down nursing bras – If you plan to breastfeed, the pull down nursing bras are easier to deal with and these ones from Target are super soft and comfortable to sleep in.

9. Button up pajamas – Any soft, loose buttoned pajamas are awesome not only for breastfeeding but skin-to-skin.

10. Kindred Bravely robe – My MIL gifted me this robe and I loved it in the hospital and in my first weeks postpartum. It’s light and soft and again, breastfeeding friendly.

11. Silverette Nursing Cups – This is my number one item that I didn’t see a lot of people suggest. These little silver nipple cups keep the fabric of your bra away from your skin, they are antimicrobial and prevent cracks. I was very lucky to have an easy time breastfeeding and I credit these little cups for helping me feel good. Life hack: drop them in a cup of ice while you breastfeed for relief when you put them back on your bra.

12. Personalized baby blanket & hat – For Mac’s first photo I knew I wanted a hat with his name on it. I loved this shop on Etsy and found the perfect color and stretchy cap for his IG debut.


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