The gift guide for everyone

After making a few specialized lists, I realized that the hardest gifts to find are the ones that you buy for people you don’t know very well – like buying for a coworker or a neighbor or your boyfriend’s sister you’ve only met once.

I, like many others, am trying to shop small as much as possible this year, but if you’re in a jam and need something quickly, here is a list of some of my favorite Amazon gifts for anyone in your life.

  1. I just bought a phone stand for my desk and it’s nice to have for FaceTime, to watch YouTube or for #ZoomChristmas2020.
  2. This journal made Oprah’s gift list this year for good reason. The best present for the person who has everything. I love mine
  3. This large cutting board also doubles as a nice charcuterie board.
  4. Personalized stationery is something lovely that you usually wouldn’t buy for yourself. The perfect gift!
  5. These copper mugs for Moscow Mules look beautiful on a bar cart. 
  6. Happy 2020 to whoever you gift this soap dispenser to. 
  7. I’ve been using these phone grips for years. They are super strong and work on any smooth case. You don’t have to know the type of phone the person has, and they come in a ton of colors and patterns. 
  8. This magnetic phone mount doubles as an escape tool with a glass breaker and seat belt cutter. Practical and endorsed by dads everywhere. 
  9. For your friends who can’t keep track of things. You can always use a few more Tiles. 
  10. My Maid of Honor mentioned this heated blanket in her speech at my wedding. It is that important to me. 
  11. A one pot cookbook for your friend who got really into cooking during quarantine. 
  12. The only mug that keeps your coffee hot all day. 
  13. I was influenced by a girl on TikTok to buy this tumbler and it is worth every penny. It’s spill proof, easy to clean and has helped me with my water intake. 
  14. I personally always like receiving candles and this one smells so good. 
  15. This travel steamer has saved Scott and I on more than one occasion. So convenient and great for the jet setter or business traveler in your life. 
  16. More drink ware. We love a dishwasher safe cold brew cup.
  17. This frame + a CVS one-hour print is always a classic. 
  18. Pottery Barn but make it $16. I always throw a blanket into a gift that needs one more thing. I love this option. 

If you have any suggestions for universal gifts, please leave them in the comments. Happy shopping!



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