Top Five Products for Damaged Hair

It's been really easy to avoid using hot tools on my hair this year which has helped minimize damage and allowed me to grow out my broken hair. While I haven't been using heat to dry my hair, whenever I do style it, there are five products I always use to tame my flyaways and … Continue reading Top Five Products for Damaged Hair

Four Favorite: Foundation

Happy Friday, beauties! I've decided I'm going to bring the "four favorite" series back and try to post my four favorites of a particular product or style every Friday. Today, my product of choice is foundation. I have tried a ton of different brands and finishes. While these are all pretty different, they are the … Continue reading Four Favorite: Foundation

Four Favorites: Makeup Remover Edition

Heavy Duty Makeup Removal On any given day I wear makeup for an average of about 12 hours. When it’s finally time to clean my face, I don’t want to have to wash four separate times or scrub forever just to get it all off. This product removes all traces of makeup quickly and effectively. … Continue reading Four Favorites: Makeup Remover Edition