Thank You, Mom

There’s one person in my life who has always encouraged me to be positive and reflect within before projecting outward.

My mom has spent my entire life encouraging me to go after the things I want. She is supportive, hilarious, genuine and has always set an amazing example.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. When I started writing this post, I was overwhelmed with ideas of what to write about her. She’s taught me so much that I didn’t want to skim past anything. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to use this post as a thank you note to touch on just a few of the things she’s done for me.

Dear Mom,

Happy birthday. How are you? I’m asking you because sometimes I forget. Sometimes I launch so fast into my busy life or crazy day, that I skim right past yours.

Thank you, by the way, for always picking up the phone. When I’m sad, happy, excited, nervous, mad, my first reaction is to call you. Thanks for answering all my questions, talking through a million hypothetical scenarios, and always playing along when I want you to guess what a good deal I got at Nordstrom Rack.

For the times I’ve called you upset, thanks for listening, but only for a minute. You always taught me that it’s okay to be sad or worry, but that it won’t fix anything. I think I’d still be crying about not making the seventh grade basketball team if it weren’t for that advice.

Thanks for always telling me the truth. Even when it may not make sense to me at first. Even when nobody else will tell me. Thank you for being honest with me and encouraging me to be honest to myself and others.

I hope you get to laugh a lot this weekend. Our Abba karaoke sessions and road trips to the cape still make me giggle just thinking back on them. Thanks for brining so many smiles to those around you. You’ve always been the cool mom.

This letter could go on forever, so I will pick just one more thing to thank you for on this birthday.

Thank you for encouraging me to go after the things I want. You are always the voice saying “yes you can”. Your support and care have taken me so far. When I called you to tell you I wanted to move to a new city, or start a blog, or learn a new skill, or take on a second job, you never told me I couldn’t. You said, “sounds fun, tell me more.” Your belief in me has created a belief in myself. Thank you, mom.

You have and will always be my best friend biggest mentor. I love you to the moon and back again.

Happy birthday!

Love, Leigh

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