Favorite Four: Colored Hair Products

My mom taught me that there are a few things in life worth spending good money on. Those things, in no particular order, are skincare items, quality toilet paper, hair products, and occasionally, a kick ass pair of shoes.

I have been getting my hair dyed, bleached, darkened and otherwise chemically treated for about nine years now. In that time I have tried out a million different products and stuck with the ones I truly love.

In honor of me being TRULY thankful for at-home brightening treatments after a tragic dye job last week, I wanted to share my favorite four color treated hair products.


First up is my favorite shampoo. Fekkai Color Care Technician prevents fading and makes your hair super shiny. It’s one of the only color specific shampoos I’ve tried that keeps my hair soft, but not greasy. It also smells really good. fekkai


The biggest problem I run into with highlighting my hair is that my roots always get really brassy after a few weeks. When I start to see the orange coming out and I want to lighten it up, I reach for my Kenra brightening treatment. I leave this purple lifesaver on my freshly shampooed wet hair for about five minutes and wash it out to an instantly brighter, blonder mane.



The Beauty Protector protect & detangle spray is another product I discovered through Birchbox and absolutely love. If you have tangly hair like I do, you need this in your life. Besides being a great conditioning spray, it also protects your hair from heat. Spray this on your wet hair and brush with ease. 

beauty protector


Amika Bombshell Blowout spray adds volume and doubles as a heat protectant. I blow dry my hair until it’s about 75% dry and then spray it by section and use a round brush to dry the rest. It smells so good and adds volume to even the thinnest hair. 

What products do you use on your colored hair? I love testing out new ones so leave a comment or shoot me an email with any recommendations you have. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving, LoveLeighs!

Love, Leigh

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