Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Understand Group Fitness

“Why would you waste money on classes when we have a gym in our apartment?” my boyfriend asks me every time I re-up my monthly pass at The Barre Code. My answer is always the same: “Because.”

Because. Mostly because I don’t feel like explaining it again and again, but also because he just doesn’t get it.

I’m not saying that all men dislike group fitness. I know from the handful of bike shorts I see at Flywheel every month, that that’s not true. But, I am willing to say that most men would rather put their headphones in and do their own thing than be bossed around by a 5’3″ blonde in head-to-toe Lululemon.

So, why do I decide to spend money on classes when I have a perfectly great gym in my apartment complex? The short answer is the vibe. In every sense of the word, you will NEVER beat the vibe of a group fitness class.

When you’re doing a workout alone, sometimes you want to cheat that last squat. When you are in a class full of bad asses, you wouldn’t dare cheat that last squat. You feed off each other and exchange silent encouragement through every push-up and crunch.

It’s the same feeling I had throughout my years of pompon. I feel empowered and inspired by doing something challenging with a group, knowing that everyone is working just as hard as I am.

Maybe I’m just less motivated than my boyfriend, who can work for 10+ hours, throw a sweatshirt on and cycle through a sweaty, self-led workout. However, I think there are a few reasons I love group fitness, besides, of course, the vibe.

  1. I can’t make up an excuse – I mean I could, but I am not paying that cancellation fee just because I “didn’t feel like getting up”.
  2. I know what to expect – I know how long the class is before it starts, I know the general set-up, and I know that I’m going to be able to justify the entire pint of Halo Top later, not just a scoop*.
  3. I trust the instructor – I danced for years, some people may (loosely) label me a “runner”, but I am by no means a trained professional. When I go into a class, I trust that the instructor will lead safe, effective exercise.
  4. It’s an investment in yourself” – My mom – who is one of those moms that everyone wishes was their mom – told me this once when I complained about the price of a class pack.  After years of dishing out cash for classes, I truly believe it. It is an investment in my mental and physical health. It has made me a kinder, happier person.
  5. Sorry, it’s back: THE VIBE – I 100% believe that I work harder when the Britney remix is blaring and I feel like a sweaty backup dancer in an MTV video.

There you have it. There is a reason we drag our yoga mats across the city and tuck, flex, spin, pulse and run in unison. Who knows, maybe if you gave it a try, you’d love it too.

Stay tuned for more posts about my favorite classes and other fitness adventures. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post!

Love, Leigh

*I can honestly say I have never eaten just a scoop of Halo Top.


3 thoughts on “Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Understand Group Fitness

  1. Also because you like to choose that one person in class and beat them. No? Just me? Over-competitive person. I will outcycle ANYONE or outburpee anyone, even if I am 7 weeks from giving birth…..


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